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Here are a list of the office renovation services we provide, for all your business office needs.


Before the start of renovation works, the following may be required (or not) by the building management and government entities:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Full Submission to FSSD (Fire Safety and Shelter Department) Singapore
  • Testing and Installation of Meter from Singapore Power (SP)

False Wall Partitions

Types of Partition Walls we do:

  • 12.5mm thick half-hour fire rated partition wall (Standard / Most commonly used)
  • 15mm thick 1-hour fire rated partition wall
  • 25mm thick 2-hour fire rated partition wall

Wall Partitioning uses:

  • Create rooms for Director, Manager, Staff
  • Create Meeting rooms, Pantry area, Storage area
Building Wall Partitions

Building of Wall Partitions Work-in-progress

Wall Partition with White Paint

Example of Wall Partitions with White paint finishes

Office Doors

Types of Office Doors we do:

  • Flush Door
  • Half Glass Door
  • Tempered Glass Door
Flush Door

Flush Door

Half Glass Door

Half Glass Door

Full Glass Door

Full Glass Door

Office Flooring

Types of Flooring we do:

  • Carpet Flooring
    • Carpet Tiles (Popular) / Carpet Roll
  • Vinyl Flooring
    • Vinyl Tiles / Vinyl Strips (Popular)
  • Epoxy Flooring
Laying of Vinyl Tiles

Laying of Vinyl Tiles


Office Ceiling

Types of Ceilings we do:

  • False Ceilings (with mineral boards)
  • Plaster Ceilings
False Ceiling

False Ceiling with Mineral Boards


Plaster Ceiling

Electrical Works

  • Wiring from Main Riser to to Metered Unit
  • Installation of Distribution Box (D.B.)
  • Installation of Lighting Wiring Points & On/Off Switches
  • Installation of 13 Amp Power Socket Outlets
  • Installation of Data Points / Telephone Points, etc

Air-Conditioning Works

Types of Air-Conditioners we install:

  • Wall Mounted Fan Coil Air-Con
  • Ceiling Mounted Cassette Air-con

Glass Panel Works

  • Full Glass Panel and Doors for classy office entrance
  • Full Height Glass as Partitions

Carpentry Works

  • Customized Furniture
    • Reception Counters, Work Desks, Cabinets

Sprinkler Systems

  • Install new sprinkler points
  • Relocating sprinkler points (if affected by partitions)

Toilet & Sanitary

  • Installation / Building a complete toilet
    • Toilet bowl, Wash basin, Mirror, Shower head, etc
    • Toilet Flooring Tiles, Walls




Do note that this price is based on estimation only. There may be extra costs due to other requirements based on the building management, or works not included in this list.

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