Office Reinstatement Services

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Moving out of your current office space can be a huge headache. As most owners, landlords or building management will require you to return the space back to its original condition. (Think: Totally bare spaces and flooring) Dismantling EVERYTHING and making good the affected/damaged parts are what we call Office Reinstatement.

Put yourself in the shoes of the next tenant or owner, and the first impression you want to get when entering the office unit is to see it “brand new”.

Therefore, office reinstatement basically means returning the whole unit back to its “original” condition like its brand new.

What Office Reinstatement Does

  • Protection for flooring on building’s lift lobby to unit
  • Dismantling of partition walls
  • Dismantling of carpet / vinyl flooring
    • Washing or Grinding of floor if carpet glue remains
  • Dismantling of electrical wiring & points
  • Dismantling & removal of air-condition units
  • Re-positioning of air-con ducting to original floorplan
  • Plastering (make good) of wall holes
  • Painting of walls to original color (usually white)
  • Re-positioning or installing sprinkler points according to original floorplan
  • Re-positioning or installing lighting points according to original floorplan

Hidden Costs

Before getting your contractor to quote for the reinstatement services, there are some potential costs (hidden costs) to note. Some contractors’ quote¬†might not include the following:

  • Management fees
    • Cost depends on building management requirements
    • Inspection fees, application fees
  • Sprinkler fees
    • Drainage of water pipe, approval to alter sprinklers
    • Number of sprinklers affected
  • Insurance fees
    • Public Liability & Work Injury Compensation
    • Requirement depends on the building management
  • Costs for repairing or replacing original parts:
    • Damaged done to original main door
    • Broken windows / handles
    • Replacing air con ducting covers (if original cover is misplaced)
    • and more…

In addition, some owners and landlords set a deadline to return the space back to them in the original condition.

If the space is not ready to be returned to them on the required date, extra costs such as additional rental fees may apply.

Further more, it is also important to note on the requirements of the building management.

Before reinstating works are started, do take note of the following points which may require time to prepare:

  • Is a permit required to be submitted before start of the reinstatement works?
  • How long does it take for the renovation permit to be approved by the management?
  • Do certain parts of the reinstatement works (e.g. sprinklers or electrical) can ONLY be done by the building’s in-house contractors? Or can I get my own contractor to do it?
  • Do I need insurance for the reinstatement works? (may take 1 to 3 days for insurance to be ready)
  • and more…

To get quotation for reinstatement works, do contact us at 9836 5820 / for an obligatory-free quote and site visit.

Our company is able to provide turnkey services for all renovation needs. Leave the renovation job to us and allow more time for your own business.

Office Reinstatement Services

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Office reinstatement services, renovation works to do for returning space to landlord upon lease expiry.
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