Customized Furniture

Every piece of our customized furniture are made according to your needs and preference.

Needs and Wants

Tell us what you need or what you want; what kind of usage is required for the furniture, any specific sizes of drawers to store a particular item, for example, storing a medal / trophy with a height of 600mm in a display cabinet, etc.

Conceptualizing the Design

Next, based on what you need or want, we will propose a suitable design accordingly. You will be able to choose on the colors, laminates, and some of the details such as Solid Surface Top, Sliding Glass Doors, add light tubes for display, and more.

Below are some of our conceptualized designs and finished products for your viewing.

Do call us for a non-obligatory custom made furniture quote today at 98365820.

Study Table

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Singapore

Pantry Cabinets Singapore

TV Consoles

TV Consoles Singapore TV Console Living Room

Display Cabinets 

Display Cabinets Singapore

Reception Desk / Counter

Reception Desk SingaporeReceptionist Counter

Receptionist Desk  Recept Counter CabinetRecept Counter Cabinet