Clinic Renovation

Clinic Renovation for a Doctor. Great aesthetics and modern theme. With customized furniture and reception counter to blend with the whole look.

We converted a bare commercial unit into a modern looking medical clinic, at less than $45k all in! (Compared to market price ranging from $50k to $100k)

List of renovation items we did:

  • Drywall partitions for creating 3 separate rooms
  • Include rockwool insulation between partitions to reduce noise
  • New ceiling with mineral boards
  • Wooden flush doors with enamel paint
  • Vinyl strips flooring (client choice of design & color)
  • Glass door for main entrance
  • New lighting points & lights
  • Electrical Works
  • Plumbing Works
  • Customized doctor’s cabinet surrounding whole room
  • Customized medicine cabinet with hidden light cove
  • Top & Bottom customized cabinet
  • Customized Reception Counter with client’s choice of design
  • Low cabinet at Reception Area
  • Display cabinet near Reception Area


We are able to customize the doors with different enamel paint, or laminate finishes for different designs and finishes.

Our portfolio consist of doctors clinic renovation, retail unit renovation, office renovation and more. If you would like to have us drop by your retail or office unit for a site measurement and non-obligatory quote, feel free to call us at 9836 5820, or drop us an email at


Retail Renovation for Clinic
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Retail Renovation for Clinic
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CM Reno Enterprise,367956,
Telephone No.62573603
Commercial Renovation for office and retail
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